About us

The brand of Sarteur was born and spread due to the merit and taste of Mr. Federico Sarteur, who arrived in 1888 in Rome with the Savoia, Italian Royal Family, as their trusted decorator.
He opened his Gallery in Via del Corso, the high street of Rome, where is pictured (see beside) the inaugural year. As a consequence of the fame achieved as a decorator, Sarteur acquired the prestigious title of “Official Supplier of Italian Royal Family”. Today the historical plate of the showroom is still visible and become part of the protected heritage of Rome’s shops history.
In 1924 the property of the showroom has been transferred in the hand of the family that actually owns the Sarteur brand.
This long history is a valuable example of how to ensuring the respect of traditions through generations.

Sarteur Shop in Via del Corso
Rome, year 1888

During the 70’s Sarteur started its international activity exploring the European, the African and the Middle Eastern market. During early 80’s Sarteur became one of Qatar’s Royal Family most valuable decorator, and till today this bond has been cemented accomplishing some of the most representative interior decoration Qatar projects. Today, Sarteur keeps on tailoring any sort of interiors, making available to its clients the know-how acquired by the accomplishment of the most various decorations: villas, flats, clubs, public and private offices, hotels and banks.
Sarteur considers that the best way to value a centenary heritage is to offer the solid elegance of yesterday together with the functionality of tomorrow.
The secret of such a remarkable continuity has always been a constant effort to renovate the Company keeping pace both with the aesthetic transformation of times and with the evolution of technologies and materials.

Interior Design Serveice S.r.l. is the Italian company based in Rome, which co-ordinates all the services activity of the Group, from the relationship with manufacturers and suppliers to the logistics of goods.

Our Clients

The majority of Sarteur’s clients are VVIP.

Sarteur strongly believes in confidentiality, not only for legal purposes, but also because the interior decoration activity requires that a bond of trust is set between client and decorator. Therefore, Sarteur is obliged not to show the pictures of its accomplishments and rather depict only details to show the acquired craftsmanship. Sarteur trusts that future and potential clients will appreciate the respect for their privacy.

Here follows a brief list of our most representative Clients:
• Diwan Amiri of the State of Qatar
• VVIP Members of Qatar Royal Family
• P.E.O. Private Engineering Office
• Nigerian oil and gas company
• Italian Ministry of Transport
• Italian Ministry of Treasure
• Italian Ministry of Education
• Italian Ministry of Environment
• Italian National Insurance Company

Disclaimer: Given the peculiarity and privacy of the Projects represented, this Company Profile has been printed for the exclusive use of the receiver and thus no copies, nor use of the photos herein contained, is allowed.